History and Motivations behind Adama (i.e. Why!?!)

"Why" is a very hard (and sometimes painful) question to answer because it cuts so deep, and the answer boils down to the a motivating problem, some values held by the inventor, and a whole lot of frustration.

It all starts with the original design to bring friends together around an online Battlestar Galatica (the board game). However, the mind breaking complexity of the interplay of all the rules and player capabilities required a new kind of thing. That new thing had to manifest some values, and those values are simply:

  • Laziness which makes the job easier to get done with more capabilities.
  • Affordability because the solution shouldn't break the bank and good things happen when costs trend towards zero.
  • Stability because a thing built today should work tomorrow until the heat death of the universe.
  • Fun because building should be fun.

Now, the funny bit is that this all started with a couple of tools to make representing state easier, and then it turned into a giant document store with a full programming language. It wasn't planned, but it's pretty neat. This lead to a post-hoc attempt to define what this thing even is: