Escape Hatches


A simple pass-through indexing thingy... TODO


Ultimately, components care about three things: (1) reading data from server, (2) writing control state, (3) sending messages to the server to mutate data.


attributes prefixed "port:" are injected to create functions such that the rx:custom module can emit data to the view state controlled by a path


attributed prefixed by "parameter:" are turned into a reactive object that the custom code can hook into to learn about updates

TODO: what is hard

  • get by id not possible, it's not mounted
  • good "settle" signal when the data and DOM are stable. How do you know when the DOM is ready to be scanned? or when it was updated? -> examples


  • drag and drop where the items are dynamic
  • easier to grab an element and add an event listener
  • viewstate that is iterable AND THEN ViewState.merge can populate
  • mini around around manipulating the view state with respect to trees
  • lifecycle, research various other frames about lifecycle
  • testing web components with RxHTML like shoe-lace
  • feature flags
  • any event -> access to the event data
  • scrollbar -> figure better ways of addressing bars
  • a better event escape hatcing (improving events that have java with full event parity
  • manipulate data on front-end