Let's get hands on with Adama!

The key steps are going to be

  • Installing the CLI tool which is the primary way to interact with the Adama platform. This tutorial will help you understand the dependencies and validate that the tool is appropriately setup.
  • Initializing your developer account will get you on-boarded to production Adama fleet. This tutorial will walk you through account creation.
  • Creating a space will get you started with a template space and start making an experience. This tutorial will show the essential operations to create, deploy, and use a space.
  • Bringing users into your documents will explain how to invent users on your existing infrastructure or enable social login for your space. This tutorial will explain how to bring people in to use your Adama documents.
  • Using the JavaScript client will walk you through how to use your new space with the JavaScript client. This tutorial will explain how to use the JavaScript API to build applications with Adama.